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Good movies

I saw a really nice movie for a couple of days ago. It was a really long time ago since i saw a movie that was so nice like this one. Lets just hope it will be some more good films in the future. Many of the films that are made now, are really bad. They don't put so much money in them, so they are not in the same good shape like many other. But then there are films that doesnt cost so much, but have a really great story to tell. That kind of movies are also very ...

rain shower

Just at the time the lessons were over the clear blue sky changed in a very dark and most of all wet sky. I think I have never seen such a rain shower as we did a few hours ago. In 30 seconds we were totally wet and it did not matter or we ran or did not run to the car. My kids thought that this was really fun and Merlijn was walking through the rain singing a very famous rain song from The Netherlands. Completely wet we reached the car and immediately we were in the car the ...